James Franco Droid Stunt

Challenge // When the needs of the TV commercial you're shooting shrink your stunt video budget from $500,000 to $50,000 how do you still do something that get's attention?
Solution // We took the star of our Droid TV commercial, James Franco, and staged 3 videos that made it seem as if James had superhuman abilities. We released the videos on dummy accounts and leaked them to the media. 
Role // As Digital/Social ECD for Verizon I worked alongside the traditional ECD on the initial TV concepts and then concentrated on the stunt videos. I kept my team motivated despite all the hiccups and helped concept new ideas as the budget shrank. I sold the ideas to our client and I was part of the team that produced the videos.
Results // Articles about these videos, and the campaign, were featured on many tech blogs as well as places like the Verge, FastCompany, and AdWeek.