Pirate Wifi on the NY Subway

Challenge // How do you put a pirate WiFi network on the New York Subway system and not get arrested?
Solution // We self funded ($15,000) and created the world's first pirate WiFi network on the L Train to promote our creative consultancy WeMakeCoolSh.it. The "L Train Notwork" was an intranet that was carried aboard the train in small battery powered computers that featured local and curated content as well as an anonymous chat. In addition we created an app that gave people the illusion of controlling strangers (actually improvers) on the train. 
Role // I conceived of the idea of a network on the train years before and finally decided to just go ahead and do it myself. My partner and I produced the project completely with the help of two developers and a street team to carry the computers onto the trains.
Results // The project received global coverage including Wired, Fast Company, The Creators Project, Creativity Online, Laughing Squid, PSFK, Forbes, Gothamist, 3rd Ward, The Village Voice, CNET, Digital Trends, MTV, The Cassandra Report, the local news, among many many others.