Capital One Instagram Influencer Campaign

Challenge // How do we launch a masterbrand campaign on Instagram using influencers and stay true to our brand?
Solution // We created #walletstories, a campaign that focused on the idea that each of us carries in our wallets little pieces of ephemera that remind us who we are and where we are going. The idea built upon the heritage of the well known "What's in Your Wallet?" tagline while also creating a platform that inspired our influencers as well as the public to share their stories.
Role // I concepted the #walletstories campaign and created the visual pneumonic; hands holding objects in POV. I curated, briefed, and collaborated with the influencers to make sure their ideas stayed on message and on brand.
Results // The campaign boosted ad recall by 16% and favorability among millennials went up 3%. AdWeek wrote about the campaign and it's performance here.