Sony Ericsson Xperia Studio

Challenge // How does a mobile brand get out of the phone stats "arms race" and focus people on what their phones are actually capable of?
Solution // We put the phones in the hands of a diverse set of talented people who did wonderful and amazing things with them and we told their stories in a series of videos. Project highlights include a collaboration with a Columbia University astrophysicist to create the world's first mobile app that allows you to see the universe through the most powerful telescopes, a mobile phone hack-a-thon with Danish hacker collective Illutron, and the world's first 360 video shot entirely with mobile phones. 
Role // I helped conceive of the "Studio" concept that helped LBi win the, very competitive, Sony Ericsson pitch. I was then hired by LBi to execute the project. I curated the majority of the talent, helped them craft their ideas, wrote treatments for each documentary video, and acted as a conduit between the talent and the agency - preserving the integrity of the creator and the interests of the brand. I was also part of the team that produced the videos.
Results // This project won a People’s Voice Award in the Integrated Mobile Experience category at the Webbys and received quite a bit of press including coverage by Wired, WSJ's All Things D, Gizmodo (twice!), and Engadget (twice!). Here's a nice presentation by LBi's CCO Chris Clarke on the project.